Here is a non exhaustive list of the artists we have worked with. The family is still growing from year to year.

About Prince Alla

A true roots pioneer, Prince Alla is easily said to be one of many who helped pave the way and lay a foundation for Roots Reggae to be felt across the globe. He started his musical journey first with a group called “The Leaders” featuring Milton Henry and Roy Palmer. Their early recordings were that of a rocksteady vibe.

Encouraged by his long time bredren Bertram Brown, founder of Freedom Sounds, Prince Alla came back to the music scene ready to record what was true to him, righteous roots music. He went on to record some of his most fervent and impactful works with Freedom Sounds; “City Without Pity,” “Bucket Bottom” and “Stone” (mixed by the great King Tubby) to name a few. Prince Alla would often use the prolific Soul Syndicate Band to help carry out the sound vision he had for his music.
Prince Alla released a large number of albums which proved his sound could withstand any transition and test of time. In the 2000’s he did 2 album for Jah Warrior produced “More Love” and ‘Jah Glory” given an unique UK style of sound. Prince Alla has given the world solid and impactful works. These days, Prince Alla is still making new singles for labels worldwide and is known as amongst the best vocalists. He voiced already “Work it Out” and “Faith Can Move Mountains” and “Ghetto Hell” for Abendigo Records which has been released on 12″ vinyl record and digital download. He also appears in the Foundation Roots Showcase with a wonderful tune called “No Man Is An Island”. Much more to be announced soon.
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About Vernon Maytone

Member of The Maytones, alongside Gladstone Grant, they started singing at a tender age for GG’s Records in Jamaica. The Maytones have already recorded well over 300 songs and still going strong.The period 1968-1980 was very prolific. The group kept making great songs including “Madness”, “Serious Love”, “Africa we want to go” to name a few. One of the Maytones’ greatest hits was the ever popular “Money Worries”, the leading song in the Jamaican movie Rockers. They also recorded in 1979 a the striking and deep song called “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel” mixed by legendary master of Dub, King Tubby

Vernon started his solo career 1981 under the name Vernon Maytone. He now lives in Montreal, Canada where he runs his studio Buckley’s Music Recording. It is in his studio that has been voiced “Rasta Rule The World”. He is still making new songs every day and has worked with the Canadian group Bedouin Soundclash. Vernon was awarded with two Gold records and one Platinum.

He voiced a single called “Rasta Rule The World” which is a killer UK anthem and more recently a beautiful roots song called “Hail Up” for Abendigo Records. More releases from Vernon will be announced soon.

About Tommy Clarke

Trevor Clarke aka Tommy Clarke is a Jamaican singer born December 25th 1954 in Kingston 12. He put his first step in the music alongside Lloyd Parks when he was in a group name The Termites. At his young age, Tommy was living in Tower Hill and Lloyd ask him to hold his guitar so that he could open his gate. From there he got the inspiration to do music. His elders told him to listen before starting his musical journey. That’s what he did by watching his close friend Lynford Manning who was from the group The Abyssinians and the next group named Carlton and The Shoes.

After a while Tommy started to sing and from 1975 he was making the balance during the Abyssinians rehearsal at Bernard Collins home. He trained singing Abyssinians songs and has been invited to make harmonies for them during The Beat Goes On Festival at National Arena and next leg kept at Disco Inferno in Montego Bay.

Later, Tommy was also making harmonies for The Cables. The cables are a classic Jamaican rocksteady trio who recorded for studio one in the late 1960s.

Then one step forward, Tommy become the lead singer for the Black Culture band from 1981 to 1991. They recorded few hit songs like « Reggae Rocking » « Jahova » and « Wicked Babylonian ». Black Culture was very famous at that time and the band did the backing for Denis brown, Junior Reid, Ritchie Steven, Big youth, Lord Tanamo, Eddy Fitzroy and many other legendary artists…
« Reggae Rocking » has been recorded at 56 Hope Road which is now the place of the Bob Marley museum. He had many occasion to reason with The King of Reggae and became a good friend of Family Man the famous bass player from The Wailers.

« Reggae Rocking » has been recently repressed on vinyl 45 by TRS records and « Jahova » and « Wicked Babylonian » are a available on CD at King Culture label.
Around 1996 until 2006 tommy was the lead singer of Crucial Subjects reggae band based in George Town Grand Cayman.

Apart from music, he has another talent : he is one of the best carpenter – wood worker from Jamaica. He has many manual skills and is able to build house, bed, stairs or any furniture. A true versatile man !
Even if during most of his past musical career he never received any benefits from the song’s he did, Tommy never stopped. He recently made a great foundation Rasta song intitled “Holy Mountain” inspired from Psalm 87. He was at Youthman Promotion when Sly from Abendigo Records contacted him. Tommy started write the chorus and then verses came naturally. The riddim has been done by Dub Kazman who is amongst the finest Japan dub makers. Dub Kazman also has his own Label entitled Rough Signal Records with many great productions. “Holy Mountain” will be available at Abendigo Records on vinyl 7” 45 from June 10th 2021. It will also be available from all digital plateforms.

Tommy Clarke also recorded “Take a Set” for Black Board Jungle in 2019 which became popular in Spain. And he also voiced a very good song « Wonderful » on a Mexican label called Ghetto Foundation. Since 2009, he did few songs for Manwel T which are available at Dubkey Records.
© Interview and biography done by Sly Abendigo.

About Beniam Willing

Initiated very young by his father and his big brother, Benjamin (Beniam) discovers the music with artists like Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Robin Williams, Aerosmith or BB king…

He starts playing guitar at the age of 12 and reproduces guitar solos of the biggest names of the blues while training on their album.

With his brother, they start their first rap text inspired by Lunatic, sniper or psy 4 de la rim. The instrumentation being hard has find has the time it is only in the last second of the pieces that they glimpse to pose their text.

As for the Reggae it is with his friends of the high school that he discovers the reggae with artists as sizzla, capelton, Anthony b then by the continuation Don Carlos, The skatalites, Grégory Isaac, Delroy Wilson or Steel pulse…

In high school with his friend Loïck he opens to other musical universes like electronic music… One day on internet Loïck discovers an event on Paris in the trabendo the dub station where this reunites systems of sound artisanal of England: Channel one soundsystem, king shiloh, Jah Shaka… The two high school students decide to set up their own sound system which they named “melodical soundsystem”.

Beniam (khayo benyahmeen) constitutes his first home studio it is the “jahstem studio” where he will be interested in the composition of reggae piece inspired by aba shanti then Jah Shaka or mad professor. It is with jahtool that he will release his first CD reggae dub as “born & raise” or “don’t you know” of a sound more Roots with Fred Z of tu shung peng crew.

Later on with shasha records he released 3 maxi 45tours of a warrior dub register and composed riddims where reggae voices like Prince Allah, Earl sixteen, Fred locks, sister rasheeda, judah eskender tafari… Also he made riddims for blackboard jungle soundsystem “Top ranking” and “Him” release on a maxi 45 .

It is on the label abendigo records that Beniam Willing decided to leave his first solo album in a register Roots reggae which is entitled “Jah Roots” in the homage to his imperial majesty Haile Selassie. Faith in Jesus Christ became his central message in this album.

About Sister Rasheda

Incredible voice from the best of the Roots Empresses, Sister Rasheda worked with the most famous UK label such as Jah Shaka Music, Mad Professor and did a beautiful album with Russ Disciples. She also run her own label called ERLM (Empress Rasheda Lioness Music). Sly (Abendigo Records) meet her at Messenger Sound System session in Scotland where she was performing. Since then she did two killer tunes for Abendigo called ” No Wake The Lion” and ” Crowning of the Century”. More tunes are under making.

About Earl Sixteen

” Earl John Daley, also known as Earl Sixteen (Earl 16), the UK-based singer who was born in Jamaica, has been around for almost fifty years. He has been able to establish a very special position within the music during that period. Through his songs and live shows over the years, he has amassed a devoted following. Although he had been active on a limited scale since the mid-1970s, it was not until 1981 that he recorded his first album. That initial album, Reggae Sound, was recorded with Mikey Dread in the early 1980s. He has worked with a number of producers, among them Derrick Harriott, Linval Thompson, Augustus Pablo, Clement Dodd, and Lee Perry. He teamed up with top producer Roy Cousins to make two albums – Julie and Special Request. In 1985 Coxsone Dodd issued the Showcase set, which was a collection of older Studio One recordings. In the 1990s, he could often be found in the studios of UK producers Gussie P and Mad Professor. To this day, he remains prolific, both in the studio and on stage. ” (source :

About Robert Dallas

” Hailing from the parish of Clarendon Jamaica, Robert Dallas – formerly known as Yabba Youth, thus called by his friends because he was always boasting that he had enough lyrics to full a ‘yabba’ (a large cooking pot) – started singing in 1974 at an early age. Just like so many other aspiring Jamaican youngsters he started visiting the big Kingston-based studios in the ’80s, trying to get some recognition of his talent. He recorded his first single, “Idle Jackass” for the Big 7 label, and then continued with “Life Inna Jail” for the Jammy’s label, “True loving” and “Youth Tradition” for the Humble Lion label, and “Trod Along” for the Sweet Jah label. He was then brought to the attention of veteran producer Sean “Amazon” Woodhouse, with whom he developed his music career further. Under the watchful guidance of this producer he recorded songs such as “War And Crime”, “Let Jah Be Praised”, “Baby I Love You”, and a number of unreleased songs. In 2005 he recorded one of his most successful singles, “Sweet And Nicest Girl”. ” (source :

One of his best album has been done alongside Darren Jamtone and is called “Tradition Man”. Robert voiced a roots song for Abendigo called “Give Thanks for Life” available on our “Foundation Roots Showcase” and also another Dub stepper tune called “Mama”.

About Fred Locks

” Fred Locks was born on June 7, a Levi, the second of 12 children born to Ivan Elliott and Joyce Jackson. Fred’s talent was obvious as he used to sing any song being played on the radio. At age 12 Fred wrote his first song I Thought She Loved Me, which at age 15 he sang on an amateur festival with school mates, Harvey Campbell, Donald Allison and Junior Harvey. At that time they all attended Vauxhall Senior Modern School (now Junior Secondary).

Fred came from a musical background, his father and eldest brother (his brother is now deceased) were self taught guitarist(s). His brother was lead guitarist in a band called The Rivals. The first band that Jackie Mitto played keyboards with. 1967, Fred formed a group called The Lyrics along with Delmar, Snaw Campbell and Albert Tomlinson aka Beenie Byrd. That same year they recorded a song called A Get It in the ska era for Coxsone’s Studio One Label. They did two other songs that year Too Money Lover and You Made Me Sort. In 1968 they recorded two more songs on the Studio One Label Girls Like Dirt and Old Man Says.

Fred started doing live gigs, mostly in his hometown Harbour View at an American owned Club Lemon Tree Lounge. He was joined on stage by a female American artiste one night at the (LTL) to sing Yesterday. who commented that she never knew that Jamaica had such great singers. Fred’s solo career began in 1975; his partners migrated to USA and Canada in the late sixties. Fred’s signature song (known as the anthem) Black Star Liner was recorded in 1975 and became a mega hit both at home and abroad. An album of the same name helped Fred to become a house hold name. This album is now available on CD and is being distributed in the USA by VP Records.

In 1976 Fred formed a group called Creation Steppers they recorded two tracks, Stormy Night and Life Is Funny. Later they recorded an album called Love and Only Love distributed by Greensleeves. Fred Locks toured England in 1978 and the USA in 1979 both tours were successful. Fred Locks has shared the stage with greats like: Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Mighty Diamonds, Leroy Sibbles, Horace Andy, Ken Boothe, Freddie McGregor, Morgan Heritage, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Red Rat, Luciano, Mikey General, Sizzla, Coco Tea, Everton Blender, Yasus Afari and many more greats. He also appeared on most of the top shows in Jamaica: Sumfest 96, Rebel Salute 99 and many many more. Fred Locks appeared in Trinidad in 1999 to an estimated 25,000 crowd alongside Burning Spear and Anthony B. In August 1999, Fred Locks, Mighty Diamonds, Lady Saw, Wayne Wonder and Prince Alla did two well attended shows in London and Birmingham. In July of 1999 he did a show in Bermuda alongside Sanchez and Merciless.

In 1998 an album/cd Never Give Up was released by Fattis Burrell on his Xterminator Label in Jamaica. This was also released in the USA by VP Records and in England by Jet Star. Fred’s 2000 releases includes a version of Rastaman Chant produce by Chris Records and a cd The Missing Link also distributed by VP Records and Jet Star, Hugh Boothe and Jonnie Goulbourne are the producers. Since 2002 Fredlocks has been touring the Caribbean extensively, he has had the distinct honour of performing for the 227th descendant of King David, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I grandson H.I.M. Zere Jacob in both Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. He toured the islands last year with a Twelve Tribe of Israel musical showcase.

The U.K. has seen Fred twice in the last two years; France was also visited by this reggae icon. Anywhere in the world there is a True Rastaman Fred’s signature 10 track album The Black Starliner is known. His electrifying performances are unbelievable for his size, one of his youthful peers when seeing his performance in Europe retorted Father Fred they should not watch your size your dangerous, you a de real big man. A spirited performer Fred’s sense of humour is unmatched. A tree without roots will not grow, this music still needs its icons to continue to give us the Teachings of H.I.M. we don’t want no devil philosophy. Jah is my shelter and sixth street produced by Wayne(Niko)Hinds is from a brand new album call (Fred Locks sing praises) ” (source :

About Winston Fergus

UK-based Fergus began his career in 1976 as the lead singer of the Equators . The band is best remembered for ‘Father Oh Father’ on Joe Sinclair’s Klik label . As well as performing in their own right the band also provided musical backing for the up-and-coming vocalist, Pablo Gad.

In 1977 Fergus, widely regarded as Gad’s benefactor, introduced the young singer to Sinclair. The introduction led to the release of Gad’s debut recordings; ‘International Dread’ and ‘Kunte Kinte’ through the Caribbean affiliated label. In the same year Fergus embarked on a solo career, releasing his debut ‘Give Me Love’, featured on Jah Jah Bus. Lightning Records signed Fergus and released ‘African Woman’. The single failed to emulate Lightning’s earlier success with Althea And Donna’s ‘Uptown Top Ranking’, although the label persevered with the singer and released ‘Long Time’. As with the previous release the single failed to crossover, which signalled the end of Fergus’ association with the label, although they later licensed ‘Long Time’ for release on Trojan Records.

In 1979, Fergus released ‘Fly Natty Dread’ and a version of the classic ‘Loving Pauper’. He maintained his profile throughout the 80s working with Clement Bushay (‘Jezebel Woman’ and ‘Pay To Live’), Clive Stanhope (‘Keep On Dancing’ and ‘One Day Up’) and John Dread (‘Hope For The World’ and I Will Sing).

In the early 90s Fergus demonstrated his independent stance when he set up his own Fergie Music label. His debut, ‘Get Some Shopping’, was followed by songs including ‘My Love’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘My Own Way’ as well as the album Love Is All Around Me. In 1998, Fergus embarked on sessions with Chris Jay of Dubwise Productions, releasing ‘Rough Times’ and ‘Praise H.I.M.’. (source :

About Mpress Celyah

” Reggae artist from Senegal, Jahlow (Abendigo Records) contacted her to sing on Kings High Way riddim remake by Marshall Neeko. “

About Ras Hassen Ti

Ras Hassen Ti started his career in 1993 amongst Iwa & Sons Of Salomon . It was a Roots band based in Isere region in France. I advice you to check out the recording published by Kingdub Records – by Moshi Kamachi which is amazing :…/sets/kdr017-ras-hassen-ti

Then, Hassen Ti was the lead singer for The Sysiphians in 2005. An opus has been released.
He is also legendary singer of the song “Marcus Garvey” produced in 2001, with the collaboration of Munky Lee (one of the pioneers of Dub in France). Ras Hassen Ti has continued over the years to sing very beautiful songs for international producers, he has distinguished himself for several years in particular with the label I & I & I Music, Merchant Records, Abendigo Records and many others …

Ras Hassen Ti’s songs have been played for fifteen years by the greatest sound systems and pioneers of the genre such as Jah Shaka Official, Channel One Sound System, Aba Shanti-I, Iration Steppas Official, King Shiloh Sound System, Blackboard Jungle and
O.B.F Sound System.

About Roland Burrell

” Roland Burrell was born in Pennants, Clarendon in Jamaica, Grew up in Trench Town, he met Bob Marley and Toots Hibbert who inspired and counseled him as he would often ‘jam’ with them. During his growing artistic years, he sang with a group called The Shades, where he encountered Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, The Upsetter. Along with Conrad Brown, they produced “Lonely Man.”

Thereafter, Roland quickly rose to fame when he recorded the Chartbuster “Johnny Dollar,”which topped the Jamaican charts in Europe, USA and Japan. He recorded his first album, “Johnny Dollar” for Tanka Records which included the hit songs “Hey Mama” and “Stormy Night.” He has several other albums to his credit, including “Fling Reggae in Park Heights” with Admiral Tibbet, on the Sir Tommy’s Label, “Intelligency” on the Rambana Label and featured on numerous ‘various artists’ albums. He also recorded the Hip-Hop versions of “Stormy Night” and “Johnny Dollar” for Sly & Robbie’s Taxi Label and his recording of “Picture On The Wall” also tore up the reggae charts. Roland Burrell has also released “Roland Burrell – The Best of Roland Burrell,” Reggae Masters Series on the Prestige Recording Label. The album was produced by Tanka Hill along with Leon and John Corall. Musicians included Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Lloyd Parks, Flabba Holt, Bingi Bunny, Dean Fraser, Ansel Collins and Bongo Herman, with backing vocals provided by The Tamlins and Roland himself. His many hits have given him the opportunity to tour extensively and this has resulted in many sold-out performances in Toronto and throughout the Eastern Caribbean, where his music has impacted on both Caribbean nationals as well as international audiences. ” (source :